With PermitPro permitting software, generating your NYC permit applications and other paperwork is as easy as a couple of clicks of your mouse. PermitPro stores all of your job and contact information in its database, so you don’t have to enter information twice – pull up a form, and it’s already mostly filled in for you!

PermitPro comes in 2 delicious flavors – Standard and Enterprise


a low cost way to speed up your DOB filings – the Standard PermitPro program is a subscription service that puts tons of NYC applications at your fingertips, all connected to PermitPro’s powerful database, for just $29/month or $299/year. Your subscription includes any and all updates to the software or DOB forms that become available, and technical support to keep you productive.

Forms come up already filled in – they pull contact, location and job information from your database!

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PermitPro puts a huge array of forms and applications at your fingertips

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You can track your jobs and generate reports

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and chat with technical support right from the application

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But that is just the beginning – PermitPro Enterprise can do so much more –


assign tasks to your employess, and track the expiration of your permits

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continuously monitor BIS for changes in the status of your jobs

2015-04-22 10_37_28-Greenshot

report on the status of your jobs with REAL INFORMATION from the BIS system

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generate custom spreadsheets

2015-04-22 10_40_42-Greenshot

and word documents

2015-04-22 10_38_44-Greenshot

even custom reports within the program

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and that is just the beginning. PermitPro Enterprise is an enterprise job tracking and application management program, tied to the DOB BIS system in real time. Contact us to get started with PermitPro Enterprise today!