Known Issues

“Blank” forms

There is a bug in some versions of Microsoft Office that will cause Office, and any applications that share files with Office (like PermitPro) to have problems displaying some images. This can cause PermitPro to display some of the forms in the program without the graphics – logos, lines, etc. – on the forms. Microsoft has posted a remedy for this, and I have made it available on the Smart Forms website at OCONVPCK.EXE. A steady and dependable broadband internet connection will help you download these forms without delay or interruption. Smart Forms makes no warranty as to the useability of this file, and assumes no liability for any damage running this application may cause to your system.

Exiting introductory splash screen:

If you cannot see the “exit door” on lower right corner of introduciton /splash screen, your screen resoution is probably 800×600 pixels.

Remedy: Right-click on your desktop, choose “Properties”, and then choose the “Settings” tab. Slide arrow to “more” so that icons are smaller.

Do not show introductory splash screen again:

The splash screen has been set up with direct links to “update” patches. However, to stop showing screen at start up, click box on lower left of splash screen as follows: NYC version: “Do not show this screen the next time you start PermitPro” Elevator version: “Hide this screen the next time you open PermitPro”

Skewed display:

Some users are seeing new forms display with the information skewed off to one side. This will happen if you have your advanced display settings set to something other than normal.

Remedy: Right-click on your desktop, choose “Properties”, and then choose the “Settings” tab. Click on “Advanced” and then the “General” tab. Under “Display”, there will be a place to choose your DPI setting. Set it to “Normal size (96 DPI)” and hit OK. Your forms should then display normally.