XPDTR lets you fill out your building permit applications, electrical and plumbing permit applications and all sorts of other municipal paperwork online. It uses a database of your projects, buildings and contacts to fill out the forms, so you can avoid retyping names and addresses over and over. It uses real forms from the Department of Buildings in your area, and stores them online on our secure servers, so you can access them from anywhere. It lets you enter and track filing dates and approvale - and XPDTR is mobile-friendly, so you can see and track your applications from your smartphone or tablet. And it is free to register and get started!

XPDTR (ex·pe·dit·er)

XPDTR lets you fill out all manner of municipal forms with just a few clicks of the mouse. No need to copy PDFs on your computer and keep track of where you kept them. All your forms are stored on our servers in the cloud.

Portable and Powerful

When you use XPDTR, all of the paperwork you generate can be accessed from your laptop, tablet or phone, anywhere you have internet service. No printing things out and carrying them around, no remoting in to your server. And you can email paperwork right from the app.


You can start using XPDTR with sll of its functionality for free. A subscription to the full version (which lets you print forms without the XPDTR watermark on them) costs just $10/month. That's less than 3 fancy coffees! Give it a try now!


Would you rather pay $10/month for the full version or NOTHING? With our EARLY BIRD SPECIAL, you can get the full version of XPDTR, without watermarks, for free, forever, if you help us get the word out. Every month we will look at each region we are offering XPDTR in, and the first 10 percent of users who subscribed in that region will get XPDTR for free. If you are the first person to subscribe in your region, as soon as we hit 10 subscribed users, you get it for free. If you are the 23rd, as soon as we hit 230 users... free. You get the picture. All you need to do is get the word out. Like us on Facebook. Tweet about us on Twitter. Send links to colleagues and competitors. We want to concentrate on providing you with service, not advertising. Sign up early and spread the word and we can help each other out!

Contact XPDTR

Feel free to email us to provide some feedback on the program, give us suggestions for new forms and functionality, or to just say hello!